Wood Picture Frame

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Sign Package Criteria

Date: 1/18/08
Project Name: 1553 Elna Rae
Project Address: 1553 W Elna Rae St.
Type: White vinyl die cut letters
Illumination: None
Material: White vinyl die cut letters installed on existing metal awnings above each of two (2) suites. See building elevations below. 
Letter Style: Open
Logo: (Note: Restricted to 25% of sign area - DRC policy)
Color: White
Size Restriction: Not to exceed 10" in height and 84" in width.  All signage shall be limited to eighty percent (80%) or less of the horizontal and vertical backgrounds.
Installation: All business signs shall be located above their entry door and centered on existing metal awning top to bottom and left to right.


Window Signage: White vinyl die cut letters (Note: window signs are restricted to 25% of the individual window in which the sign is located)
Cabanas For California

There are places in the world where the climate is above average warm and sunny. Some of these places are California, Nevada, Florida, Hawaii or Arizona. People who live in these areas are avowed sun lovers, they love to just bask in the sun and soak up the rays. In these places you can really wear short and revealing clothes and you have the perfect excuse for it – it’s hot! It is not uncommon to see well tanned women and men doing their shopping showing off their bodies in their shorts and skimpy dresses and nobady claims about that.
Also sun lovers need some time-out from the sun

There are also days and weeks when the temperature is just too hot and the sun seems never stop shining. This actually makes walking around the streets a very sweaty experience. For times like these, people in these regions have the perfect solution. They go to the nearest beach, hotel, sports club or spa and either takes a dip in the ocean or on the pool – great ways to really bring your body temperature down and also get tanned. It is also nice to have a little place to lie down in and relax right next to the pool or the beach, but in these countries you should not spend to much time in the sun. Cabanas combine these two desires, in fact relaxing near to the sea but staying away from the sun or to get a little time out from the always shining sun.
Cabanas as new favorite sun shades

Cabanas are free standing temporary or permanent structures that have drapes, curtains, and certain types of fabric or even solid walls. These structures, which range from small to suite-like in size, are getting quite popular in the Sun State California and in many other sunny states. These Cabanas give the people the kind of privacy they need and is set up near their favorite places of activity, like the ocean, pool, etc. Whether it is a pool cabana or a beach cabana, the people like the fact that the have shade by their own and can stay near the pool. Another aspect is that cabanas look very nice and comfortable and create a certain atmosphere. Hotels, spas and resorts also start to realize that cabanas come along with a lot of prejudices and the people enjoy them. Some people’s decisions even depend on whether a hotel, spa or resort has these Cabanas or not. These establishments are realizing that cabanas in their property bring a certain luxurious cache that attracts more clientele. And it becomes clear that more and more places are beginning to invest in cabanas.
Buying a cabana is a real good investment. The modern cabana is made to last very long, using quality materials like galvanized steel or aluminium. It also uses industrial grade outdoor fabric covers to withstand the elements (rain or shine). These structures, which can be permanent or temporary depending on the need of the establishment, are so durable and strong that it can even be engineered to withstand either heavy wind loads or snow loads.
The look of these new cabanas inspired also other garden furniture. There are establishments that have actually started using them as unique type of gazebo. These cabanas are redecorated to look either as a garden gazebo or a canopy gazebo, whichever may look best.